Meniere’s Disease; Dizzy spells

I started seeing Lilla when I began to have dizzy spells and was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. Traditional western medicine does not have a lot to offer for Meniere’s, so I turned to complementary/alternative health approaches. A friend recommended Lilla, and I thought I would give her a try, because I had nothing to lose. I have thoroughly enjoyed every session I have ever had with Lilla. She is extremely soothing, has a healing touch, and I always feel profoundly relaxed after our Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session. My dizzy spells have decreased in intensity and frequency.

Lilla has a lovely way of explaining what she does. She has models of skulls and skeletons and can point out how and what and where she places her focus. Her wide background gives her a wide array of knowledge and approaches.

Lilla has also helped me with lower back pain by reviewing my exercise routines, pointing out the exercises that aggravate my lower back and suggesting replacement exercises. My pain has decreased and my sleep has improved…all wonderful outcomes.