At our core, we all want to live our lives freely and authentically.

Lilla Somerville
While foundationally we are more alike than not, life experience sculpts our landscape of individuality. Each of us is a marvelously complex, unique Being, requiring specifically tailored attention in order to most effectively meet the challenges with which we are faced.

When we are blind-sided by a migraine, unable to catch a full breath, experiencing a host of mysterious aches and pains, losing balance on our feet, are anxious and stressed, it limits our capacity for CHOICE. This affects our mood, our actions and behaviors, our perceptions….and colors our Authentic Selves.

Our work together supports a pathway towards your Authentic Self.

Meet Lilla

My professional journey has been driven by the desire to effect positive change in the liveas of others.

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As a trained medical scientist and practitioner of a variety of therapeutic modalities, I help people feel better using a…

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Shared Experiences

Several clients, patients, and colleagues have eloquently shared their experiences and observations of our work together.

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What the medical field is saying…