Medical Field Response

Fran S., RN

Lilla is that rare practitioner that can truly see beyond what appears to be in front of her. Her assessments are comprehensive, thoughtful, and informed. My daughter was born with a complicated deformity. As a mother, it was clear to me how one area of the body with the “problem” impacted her entire body and affected everything she did and how she moved in the world. I tried several times to have other practitioners address what I was seeing or at the very least acknowledge it. It is not how they are trained; it was as if I was speaking another language.The first time we saw Lilla, she got it, and was able to zero in on a treatment plan. I would be remiss if I did not mention the reverence with which she approached my daughter. I feel truly blessed to have found her and would not hesitate to recommend her for any of the many modalities she practices. I have tried them all!

Audrey P. Corson, M.D., FACP

Lilla has worked with several of my patients with complex neuromuscular and skeletal disorders. She has carefully researched their individual issues and personalized their treatments. These patients achieved improved strength, gait, and balance, which has substantially improved their quality of life. She has taken therapy to a new level, often picking up where standard therapy has left off.

Carolyn Ewels, Kenneth Kent, M.D.

After a complication post shoulder-replacement-surgery, followed by months of physical therapy and occupational therapy, my husband landed in Lilla’s hands. Kenny and Lilla’s work evolved over the years into a serious collaborative effort to regain stability and pain-free ease of performing everyday activities. Lilla’s expertise has encompassed balance, stature, movement, breathing, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, and well-placed referrals for adjunctive treatment in the form of vision therapy, nutrition, and functional medicine. She has been delightful, dependable, and adaptable in creating a regimen that best benefits Kenny’s needs. We encourage her unique and comprehensive approach to well-being!

Anne Apynys, RN

Lilla has a lovely way of explaining what she does. She has models of skulls and skeletons and can point out how and what and where she places her focus. Her wide background gives her a wide array of knowledge and approaches.

Lilla has also helped me with lower back pain by reviewing my exercise routines, pointing out the exercises that aggravate my lower back and suggesting replacement exercises. My pain has decreased and my sleep has improved…all wonderful outcomes.

Erica Hwang, M.D., FACP

As a referring physician, I have seen the beneficial effects of Lilla’s postural work and movement training on my patients with neuromuscular disorders or other physical imbalances impacting their mobility or function.

As a mother, I have also observed Lilla integrate a variety of approaches in helping my daughter, an aspiring professional ballet dancer, restore balance in muscles affected by mild scoliosis. Lilla tailors an individualized regimen of therapeutic exercises and restorative breathing techniques to fit each of her client’s needs, resulting in steady and long-lasting improvement in each client’s functional performance and well-being.

Wilma Schiller, M.D.

I first started seeing Lilla eight years ago after I partially tore my meniscus in a ski accident. I was so impressed by her close attention and compassionate style of care that I continued to see her for a number of health-related issues over the years. These have ranged from dealing with surgery-related pain management, to improving my body mechanics for better balance and mobility, to enhancing recovery from conditions as common as the flu. Lilla’s dedication to increasing my physiological capacity has helped me manage stress and dramatically improve my quality of life.

As an MD, I’m impressed by her constant quest for information on breakthrough scientific advancements and the application of that knowledge to my therapy. I highly recommend Lilla to anyone looking for a unique integrative approach to better health.

Sharon Bourke, Certified Medical Exercise Specialist

I know Lilla both as an associate in the medical professional world and as a personal client. She is extremely gifted. Most of my clientele have numerous chronic conditions. I cannot send them to just anyone. I need a person who can comprehensively understand my client’s conditions and modify her approaches with them accordingly, resulting in them feeling better. Her knowledge and experience puts her at the top of her profession. I personally go to her for both massage and postural restoration.