Lymphedema (post-surgical complications); debilitating chronic low back pain

I live with chronic lymphedema resulting from axillary nodal dissection, and have on numerous occasions in the past, sought traditional physical therapy to reduce swelling, pain, and potential for inflammation/infection. When medically referred yet again for PT, I followed up on feedback I had heard about Lilla’s ability to work with complex and unfamiliar issues, and approached her about working with me. Based on her independent research, she tailored a comprehensive personalized treatment plan which combines strengthening, stretching, and manipulating appropriate muscles to support lymphatic fluid flow. Since working with Lilla, I have improved core muscles that help me not only with lymphedema issues, but also with gait, posture, and breathing, and have greatly reduced instances of chronic lower back pain that have been debilitating in the past. Her approach has been unique in my experience and demonstrates her attention to the nuances of how bodily systems interact and how well things are working.