Head injury; Muscle imbalances

I’ve been working with Lilla since 2014 and have benefited from Postural Restoration and respiratory dynamics therapy.I sought these therapies as age and injury exacerbated existing imbalances. Using a customized program, regular sessions, and frequent feedback from Dr. Somerville, I continue to improve my strength, flexibility, and balance. My effectiveness as an equestrian (a posture- and balance-dependent sport) has improved from this work.
When Dr. Somerville introduces new therapies in her practice, we incorporate them into my program. Massage therapy now complements the Postural Restoration, helping us access muscle systems that may be temporarily frozen by stress or overuse. Due to an unfortunate accident in 2020, resulting in a head injury, I have also benefited from her Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to promote that healing process. These therapies have become an important part of my life, a lifestyle rather than a “one and done” approach.