Chronic headaches; Sinusitis

I connected with Lilla out of a desire to resume craniosacral therapy, a practice I had found rewarding 15 years earlier but had not maintained. She is everything I had hoped for, and then some. The technical aspects of her therapy are impeccable, of course, but what matters most is the energetic presence she brings to the relationship. There is nothing even vaguely transactional about working with Lilla; she is all in, all the time, and wants to know what you are feeling and how you are reacting every step of the way. To call her approach merely holistic would be to do who she is and what she does a disservice; a more appropriate adjective might be universal, as she taps into every aspect of one’s being to produce her remarkable results, which include relief from years of chronic headaches, transformed posture, and an improved connection between mind, body, spirit.