Addressing multiple body systems

Being on Lilla’s table is to experience healing of a type of complexity, depth, nuance, and subtlety that I have not experienced anywhere else.

It is not just the depth and breadth of her expertise, academic training, and hands-on skills. Those are critical to her approach: the many areas and levels of knowledge and apprenticeship that she has mastered and continues to explore are always held in her awareness, accessed throughout every session and probed during the focused time she dedicates to preparing for and reflecting on each client and each session.

But more than this, it is her ability to keep her focus on your potential for health, and your current health, no matter how sick or in pain you feel. And to do so not by ignoring the sickness or pain, but by giving it the awareness and compassion and space it needs to realize that it, too, even it, can transform. The depth, breadth, and agency of her compassion is more remarkable than even that of her professional knowledge base and experience.