Functional Movement Postural Dynamics

The human body has evolved to move in 3 planes of balanced motion using the right and left sides of the body in a reciprocal and alternating fashion, head to toe. Habitual postures, repetitive activities, injury, dysfunctional breathing, loss of sensation, and mere gravity directly impact this coordinated, balanced movement and can result in a host of distressful symptoms.

My advanced education and certification through the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) has provided keen insight into the foundational underpinnings of our 3-dimensional movement system. It is the framework by which I objectively assess and retrain more optimal movement. These techniques are rooted in the fundamental roles that respiration, neurology, and sensory-motor processing play in balanced movement. Therefore, training involves each of these components. (As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, targeted soft tissue release and specific strength exercises may be employed to support the PRI framework for repositioning, retraining and optimizing functional movement.)

PRI also recognizes that movement is based on and a reflection of how well the other physiological systems of our bodies are functioning, balanced, and integrating.

This concept was my launch-pad for a continued journey of study beyond PRI into yet the myriad number of factors mediating the human movement system. Recent explosions of research in neuroscience, pain science, developmental psychology, immunology, advanced quantum physics, and energy fields have highlighted the interplay of such as factors as behavior, environment, perceptions, emotions, mindset/thoughts, social interaction, biofields, and wellness on the human movement system.

While there are indeed underlying and categorical biomechanical patterns of movement that begin to emerge in all of us, the fact is: no two individuals move the same way, for the reasons stated above. Each of us is uniquely complex.

In my experience, this comprehensive understanding and contextual approach more effectively helps you navigate sustainable shift in your system so that you move better and feel better at a foundational level.