A Greater sense of self

Lilla and I have been working together now, two (sometimes three) times a week. Because of previous surgery, I had no feeling in my muscles between my ribs and pelvis and no feeling of “connectedness” between the two. I am also dyslexic, tend to overthink instructions, and am very cerebral in my interpretations of simple commands. Something as basic as being asked to raise my knee, lift my arm, or do both at the same time was extremely challenging to me. I never, ever frustrated Lilla, and she never lost patience with me. She designed “me”-specific movements/exercises to see that I progressed appropriately.

Lilla has helped me master particular movements and connections. I feel as if I’m achieving the most significant accomplishments of my life. She has taught me to understand what the balls and heels of my feet are for and how, when, and why to use them.

My work with Lilla has given me a greater sense of self and the confidence to continue my journey to persevere and learn at the age of 50+ to do what comes naturally to so many when they are in their teens.