A Greater sense of self

Lilla and I have been working together now, two (sometimes three) times a week. Because of previous surgery, I had no feeling in my muscles between my ribs and pelvis and no feeling of “connectedness” between the two. I am also dyslexic, tend to overthink instructions, and am very cerebral in my interpretations of simple commands. Something as basic as being asked to raise my knee, lift my arm, or do both at the same time was extremely challenging to me. I never, ever frustrated Lilla, and she never lost patience with me. She designed “me”-specific movements/exercises to see that I progressed appropriately.

Lilla has helped me master particular movements and connections. I feel as if I’m achieving the most significant accomplishments of my life. She has taught me to understand what the balls and heels of my feet are for and how, when, and why to use them.

My work with Lilla has given me a greater sense of self and the confidence to continue my journey to persevere and learn at the age of 50+ to do what comes naturally to so many when they are in their teens.

A Unique Integrative Approach to Better Health

I first started seeing Lilla eight years ago after I partially tore my meniscus in a ski accident. I was so impressed by her close attention and compassionate style of care that I continued to see her for a number of health-related issues over the years. These have ranged from dealing with surgery-related pain management, to improving my body mechanics for better balance and mobility, to enhancing recovery from conditions as common as the flu. Lilla’s dedication to increasing my physiological capacity has helped me manage stress and dramatically improve my quality of life. As an MD, I’m impressed by her constant quest for information on breakthrough scientific advancements and the application of that knowledge to my therapy. I highly recommend Lilla to anyone looking for a unique integrative approach to better health.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

I was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy over 15 years ago and was told there was not much I could do to prevent worsening of my condition. I’ve been working with Lilla for 8 years, and although I have experienced various setbacks during that time, I have actually gained a bit of strength as opposed to losing it, and my doctors have continually encouraged me to keep working with her. I’m no longer fearful of losing my balance when I bend down to pick up something off the ground and standing from a sitting position is much easier. Lilla is the consummate professional. It’s been comforting to have Lilla as part of the professional team on my case!

Lymphedema (post-surgical complications); debilitating chronic low back pain

I live with chronic lymphedema resulting from axillary nodal dissection, and have on numerous occasions in the past, sought traditional physical therapy to reduce swelling, pain, and potential for inflammation/infection. When medically referred yet again for PT, I followed up on feedback I had heard about Lilla’s ability to work with complex and unfamiliar issues, and approached her about working with me. Based on her independent research, she tailored a comprehensive personalized treatment plan which combines strengthening, stretching, and manipulating appropriate muscles to support lymphatic fluid flow. Since working with Lilla, I have improved core muscles that help me not only with lymphedema issues, but also with gait, posture, and breathing, and have greatly reduced instances of chronic lower back pain that have been debilitating in the past. Her approach has been unique in my experience and demonstrates her attention to the nuances of how bodily systems interact and how well things are working.

Neuromuscular disorders

Eight months ago, Lilla was recommended to me by my Internist, a well-respected, long-standing Washingtonian Top Doctor, to help me develop core strength to combat gradual muscle weakness associated with a form of muscular dystrophy. My Internist’s assessment, as well as my own, is that the individualized program she developed for me has been extremely successful on many levels. Lilla is a uniquely qualified professional who is able to integrate her doctoral education and extensive continued research to maximize success in the most challenging cases of muscle weakness. She never stops researching and digging down to the next level, what it sometimes takes to overcome plateaus or to achieve progress in areas where others have failed.

Strengthen my body

I have worked with Lilla for several years. She has worked with me as a partner to design integrated exercises involving muscles, breathing, and education to significantly reduce my back pain and strengthen my body.

Shoulder replacement; osteoarthristis; joint pain;

Three years ago, after a complication post shoulder-replacement-surgery, and after months of physical therapy and occupational therapy, my husband began his own exercise regime. Lilla was working in our local gym at the time, and was judiciously assigned Kenny’s case by management. Kenny and Lilla’s work has evolved over the years into a serious collaborative effort to regain stability and pain-free ease of performing everyday activities. Lilla’s expertise has encompassed balance, stature, movement, breathing, massage therapy, and well-placed referrals for adjunctive treatment in the form of vision therapy, nutrition, and functional medicine. She has been delightful, dependable, and adaptable in creating a regimen that best benefits Kenny’s needs. We encourage her unique and comprehensive approach to well-being!

Collaboration post rehab of Total Hip Replacement and return to dressage competition

You guys have really saved my walking and riding. I thought I was going to have to get my knee replaced and now it’s not a problem at all. Lilla, it has been so nice to have someone who understands what I have been dealing with in the saddle. When I focused on putting my body in the position of the exercises, WOW, both my horses responded so well. I did not realize that the wider horse was also not coming under with her left leg. I just have to stay focused on myself and what I need to do to fix what is going on with both horses.

Scoliosis, neuromuscular disorders

As a referring physician, I have seen the beneficial effects of Lilla’s postural work and movement training on my patients with neuromuscular disorders or other physical imbalances impacting their mobility or function. As a mother, I have also observed Lilla integrate a variety of approaches in helping my daughter, an aspiring professional ballet dancer, restore balance in muscles affected by mild scoliosis. Lilla tailors an individualized regimen of therapeutic exercises and restorative breathing techniques to fit each of her client’s needs, resulting in steady and long-lasting improvement in each client’s functional performance and well-being.


Lilla is kind and extremely knowledgable! My doctor recommended that I work with her to better control my asthma. She taught me a combination of special breathing and postural exercises that really worked. I am breathing better and have been able to reduce my asthma medication as well.