I have an insatiable appetite for understanding the “hows” and “whys” of the human movement system. I stay abreast of current advances in this field by routinely reading peer-reviewed scientific, medical, and bodywork/movement therapy journals. As a formally educated scientist, I am trained to read this literature critically and analyze it for its potential application to you, my client. It may be directly applicable, or it may require some innovative tweaking based on your specific context – health, lifestyle, stressors, perceptions, abilities.
In regards to your health, let’s face it, everyone factors somewhere on the wellness continuum. It doesn’t define us, but it has important implications. I’ve worked with individuals living with a variety of symptoms and health conditions. (My personal health has been challenged as well.) Before designing your programming, I spend a great deal of time researching all the pertinent factors unique to your health presentation so that I can provide you with an optimized, tangible plan. This may include gathering medical reports from your providers. As additional resources, I maintain a strong collaborative interface with a diverse group of healthcare professionals.

One of the hallmarks of my approach is the ability to step outside of routine and assumptions, read the pertinent literature, critically analyze it, and design innovative programming for YOU.

“As an M.D., I’m impressed by her constant quest for information on breakthrough scientific advancements and the application of that knowledge to my therapy.” Wilma Schiller, M.D.

“Based on her independent research, she tailored a comprehensive personalized treatment plan… Her approach has been unique in my experience and demonstrates her attention to the nuances of how bodily systems interact and how well things are working.” Marie