Postural Restoration® (PRI)

Certification through PRI® has advanced my understanding of the integration of body systems as it applies to postural dynamics and provided a foundational framework from which to more appropriately assess and effectively address movement limitations and imbalances.

The human body has evolved to move effortlessly in 3 planes of motion using both the R and L sides of the body in an equal and opposite fashion, head to toe. Repetitive activities, injury, habitual postures, disordered breathing, stress, and mere gravity directly impacts this coordinated, balanced movement and can result in a host of distressful symptoms.

Postural Restoration® assessment and training techniques are rooted in the fundamental roles that respiratory mechanics, neurology, and sensory-motor integration play in balanced movement. For this reason, all techniques and activities performed integrate the use of sensory information and proper breathing mechanics in order to reposition body alignment. The R and L sides of the body are treated differently until relative balance is restored and 3-dimensional functional movement patterns are properly retrained.