Biopsychosocial Influences

The 21st century has been inundated with scientific advancements in the fields of neuroscience, pain science, interpersonal biology, developmental psychopathology, immunology, and energy medicine. Studies in these fields have highlighted the interplay of such factors as behavior, environment, stressors, perceptions, emotions, the way we learn, social interaction, biofields, and wellness on the human movement system. For these reasons, no two individuals move the same way. In order to best address YOUR system, these mediators are carefully considered when building and addressing your programming.

“I am dyslexic, tend to overthink instructions, and am very cerebral in my interpretations of simple commands. I never, ever frustrated Lilla, and she never lost patience with me. She designed “me-specific” movements/exercises to see that I progressed appropriately.
…given me a greater sense of self.” Susan Neuberg